CFATS Reauthorized For 15 Months

CFATS will now expire in April of 2020 ( Stock Image )

The Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard (CFATS) was set to expire last Friday but at the last minute Congress reauthorized the program for 15 months. The reauthorization came after some drama and doubt as to if the program would get reauthorized at all. Last Congress, Senator Johnson authored a CFATS reauthorization bill that would have made many good and substantive changes to the CFATS program; such as recognition for the ResponsibleAg program and making the Personnel Surety Program (PSP) optional for facilities that are tiers 3 or 4. Congress never passed that bill and had to start fresh at the beginning of this year. Taking control of the House, Democrats are looking to write their own bill and start from scratch in the legislative process. 
CFATS will now expire in April of 2020 and ARA will continue to work with both the Senate and the House to ensure there is no lapse in the program and any reauthorization allows ag retailers to secure their facilities and communities and continue to conduct business.

CFATS: What It and Its Renewal Means to Ag Retail