Certis USA Now Distributes Two Biopesticides From Bayer

Requiem biopesticide products, developed in the mid-2000s, have been distributed by Bayer, and have become an important tool for effective control of thrips, whiteflies, aphids and mites in citrus and other specialty crops. As part of an ongoing collaboration between the two companies, sales and distribution of Requiem Prime will now move under the Certis USA umbrella of biopesticide products. 

Requiem insecticide products control sucking pests across several crops.

“Because of its low-risk status and the numerous benefits that growers receive from incorporating it with their overall control plan, Requiem Prime is an ideal fit for the portfolio of biopesticides offered by Certis USA,” Mike Allan, Certis USA Vice-President, North America said in a news release.
“In addition to Requiem Prime, the bio-nematicide MeloCon WG is another biological product from Bayer that Certis USA is proud to distribute across the United States,” said Allan.  
Certis USA will offer Requiem Prime to customers in all US states (except NY) for all label uses.
Requiem Prime is considered a low-risk insecticide because of its reduced toxicity to mammalian and non-target organisms. An emulsifiable concentrate formulation, Requiem Prime insecticide is powered by a unique blend of terpenes originally discovered in an insecticidal plant. This active ingredient is attracted to the oily outer surfaces of target pests and works against all life-cycle stages.