Camso Showcases High Speed Track Technology

Camso unveiled its new smart track technology during Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany.

The proprietary Camso smart track technology (patent pending) is being launched in phases to bring new performance features via integrated track technology. To be launched soon, Camso’s first feature of smart track technology involves high speed roading.

Building on Camso’s use of the best compounds to ensure optimized tread life, the new technology uses a temperature sensor embedded in the track. If the track reaches high temperature levels, the sensor sends a signal to the tractor, ensuring that speed is readily adjusted to protect the track investment. This smart roading solution is the company’s first of many smart track applications, expanding the company’s vision to support farmers.

“We’re committed to redefining the industry standard and engineering products that respond to the evolution of farming equipment. The market is heading toward more specialized applications, toward larger, heavier and faster machines, and toward greater productivity,” explains Martin Lunkenbein, Service and Aftermarket Sales Executive Director – Agriculture at Camso. “We offer the broadest range of tracks in the industry and keep expanding our range to meet the needs of the market. New technology releases such as smart tracks demonstrate our commitment to develop solutions that advance a farmer’s operation in terms of efficiency, and productivity.”

Casmo was formerly known as Camoplast Solideal.