Burndown and Residual Tool for Resistance Management

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The only liquid flumioxazin premix with three active ingredients, Panther® Pro herbicide is a new, powerful resistance management tool. It controls more than 60 broadleaf weeds and grasses, including many glyphosate-resistant species. Multi-state trials conducted in 2017 provided some additional insight into how to best use this tool for burndown and residual control. 

Matt Secrest, senior formulation chemist with Nufarm Americas, shared the trial results, viewable here. For the cleanest fields, Nufarm makes these recommendations:

  • If grasses are present, apply at 15-fl. oz./ac with an adjuvant or use 12-fl. oz./ac plus a tank mix.
  • For quicker activity, use methylated seed oil (MSO) or crop oil concentrates (COC).
  • For grasses taller than 2” or broadleaf weeds taller than 4”, add a tank-mix partner.

To learn more about Panther Pro, go to the Nufarm website’s product page.

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