Brazilian Court Grants Continued Access To Glyphosate

Brazil is the number one soybean exporter in the world. ( MGN )

Farmers in Brazil were nearly dealt a lethal blow when a judge banned glyphosate on the eve of planting. However, that decision was recently overturned, granting the country continued use of the popular weed killer.

“This ruling is very good news for Brazilian growers, who count on glyphosate-based herbicides to control weeds and grow their crops safely and effectively,” said Liam Condon, President of the Crop Science Division at Bayer in a recent press release. “Glyphosate helps farmers grow their crops with less of an impact on the soil and reduced carbon emissions.”

The ban came on Aug. 3 of this year when a substitute judge said the product could not be used until more toxicology studies were completed. Brazilian farmers face resistance and hard-to-control weeds and losing this burndown technology could have led to economic harm in the country.

Monday, Sept. 3, a Brazilian court ruled in favor of an option provided by the Federal Government to overturn the injunction before it took effect. This ensured Brazilian farmers uninterrupted use of glyphosate-based products.