Brandt Adds Six Formulations to Smart System Lineup

Smart System foliar nutrients are designed for tank mix compatibility ( Brandt )

Brandt expands its Smart System flagship foliar nutrient line with six formulations, which are designed for tank mix compatibility and use with dicamba and 2,4-D herbicides.

Formulations approved for use with Engenia, XtendiMax with VaporGrip technology and FeXapan with VaporGrip technology include:

  • Brandt Smart Sulfur Plus high efficiency foliar 5-0-0 and 5% sulfur product with full micropack
  • Brandt Smart Fe high efficiency foliar iron with sulfur
  • Brandt Smart K B high efficiency foliar potassium with boron; *use with a Drift Reduction Agent

Formulations approved for use with XtendiMax and FeXapan include:

  • Brandt Smart P high efficiency 4-24-0 foliar phosphate
  • Brandt Smart Quatro Plus high efficiency foliar 5-0-0 with zinc, manganese, boron and sulfur

The formulation approved for use with Engenia is:

  • Brandt Smart Mn Plus high efficiency foliar manganese

“We’ve spent the last few years developing products that are designed for compatibility and performance in almost any tank mix environment,” says Brian Haschemeyer, Director of Discovery and Innovation at Brandt. “We’re pleased to see herbicide manufacturers approving the new Brandt Smart System foliar products at this stage. This will be very beneficial to our customers that have switched over to the new cropping systems that want to continue using Brandt nutritionals in their fertility program.”

Click here to see a full list of Brandt products approved for use with dicamba herbicides.

A total of 20 Brandt products, including two drift reduction agents and Smart B-Mo foliar boron fertilizer, are on manufacturer’s approval lists for use with dicamba chemistries.

Brandt Smart System is available through approved Brandt distributors throughout the U.S., Europe, Africa and South America. To locate a U.S. distributor, click here.