BountiGel Soil Amendment Lab Results Show Nitrate Preservation

Lab testing done by mOasis on its product BountiGel show similar results as what grower trials have reported. BountiGel is a soil amendment to reduce nitrate runoff. The lab results show the preservation of nitrate levels around the plant's root systems.

Grower trials have been conducted in California, Arizona and Mexico and have shown irrigation reductions up to 20% and yield increases of 10% or more. Additionally, many growers have reported that in addition to their water savings, they are applying less nitrogen at the same time, something mOasis validated in the recent lab testing.

The mOasis internal tests were conducted by Dr. Nai-Hong Li, Chief Science Officer of mOasis, and

demonstrated that in commercial production simulated soil column tests, soil treated with BountiGel had average root zone nitrate levels 268% higher than in untreated soil.