Boots in the Field: It's Time to Look for Root Worms

Boots in the Field Report with Farm Journal Agronomist Ken Ferrie ( Crop-Tech Consulting )

Farm Journal Agronomist Ken Ferrie of Crop-Tech Consulting is back after a week of vacation, he and covers the gamut in this week’s Boots In the Field Report.

He touches on:

  • Doing rootworm floats 
  • Checking now for grey leaf to make harvest order lists for later
  • What happens if the wet conditions continue 
  • Pulling nitrates for y-dropping 
  • What diseases to be looking for in beans and why it is good they are dying now 
  • What it means if you have yellow beans and what will change it 
  • Atrazine carryover and drift issues 
  • Warnings about making sure you aren’t sleeping on pollination

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