Boosting Plant Health Can Boost Yield Potential

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Your growers invest a lot of time and money every year when they plant their soybean crop. But throughout the growing season, many factors will affect what the yield monitor looks like after harvest is completed.

One way to help growers realize optimal yield potential is by using Priaxor® fungicide. Priaxor fungicide provides Plant Health benefits which include:

  1. Disease control
  2. Stress tolerance
  3. Growth efficiency

“Healthier plants are more efficient,” explains Josh Miller, BASF Technical Marketing Manager. “In more than 540 trials across the country we’ve seen a positive Plant Health reaction in soybeans 92 percent of the time, leading to an average  4.5 bu./A yield boost when a proactive application of Priaxor fungicide was made*.”

What is it about Priaxor that creates healthier, more productive plants? First and foremost, the product provides proven, effective disease control and encourages plant growth efficiency.

“While seed treatments are a great way to get seedlings off to a good start, using a fungicide such as Priaxor will extend that residual protection for the soybean plants, especially in tough conditions like cold temperatures or too much water,” explains Miller.

Replicated trials done in 2016 and 2017 also show that Priaxor fungicide provides longer residual disease protection compared to competitive products.  Even at 42 days after application, soybeans treated with Priaxor fungicide had fewer incidence of Frogeye Leaf Spot than other plants.

Prixator Brand Fungicides

Helping plants optimize photosynthesis is another key benefit of using Priaxor fungicide. Photosynthesis allows the plant to capture the sun’s energy and convert it to fuel such as carbohydrates – this function is an important factor in improving the plant’s growth efficiency. In a 2014 Illinois-based trial, areas treated with Priaxor fungicide showed an 8.7% increase in photosynthesis, resulting in an 8.8% boost in yield (5 bu./A)*.

Another key Plant Health benefit with Priaxor fungicide is increased drought tolerance. Even in years with perceived low disease pressure, helping plants mitigate stress is key to optimizing yield potential.

Increased Drought Stress

As you can see in this visual, the soybean plant treated with Priaxor fungicide is tolerating drought-induced stress better than the other soybean plants in this greenhouse trial. Drought conditions were imitated to see how stress tolerant young plants could be.

“No year is perfect – there will always be some sort of stress on the plant,” says Miller. “The soybean plants may be too hot, too dry, too wet or too cold. When plants are under stress they produce more ethylene, which in soybeans causes pod drop and premature defoliation. All of these conditions cost your growers yield. Using a product like Priaxor fungicide that reduces ethylene production will let soybean plants stay green and create more, full pods.”

To learn more about how Priaxor fungicide can help optimize yields for your growers, visit, or find your local BASF representative.


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