Beer Battle Continues!

Farmers will be getting toasted or cheered by beer drinkers around the country as a thank you from Coors Light. ( MillerCoors )

The battle over beer ingredients continues following the Bud Light commercials during the Super Bowl disparaging corn syrup.

Last week, Coors Light held a "Toast to Farmers" on social media thanking all farmers for their work providing the raw materials for their products, including corn farmers.

Ryan Reis is the Vice-President of Coors Family of Brands.  He said, "We had a huge event with hundreds of bars participating.  Thousands of people raising a glass of Coors Light or a can or a bottle to farmers and to the relationship we've had.  It was huge.  We've actually had 230,000 Twitter engagements with that, too. Lots and lots of people have seen what we've done. I think our competitors misjudged that people would stand up with us on this and we're happy to see the farmers stand up first, and it's really kind of what's inspired us to stand again with them and say together we're going to talk about quality ingredients and the way that beer and food are made in this country and the things that we should be proud of."

The MillerCoors people are planning to attend Commodity Classic next week.