Beck’s Launches New Nematicide and Insecticide Seed Treatment

The new seed treatment is available for corn and soybeans. ( Aimee Cope )

Nemasect will soon be offered standard in Beck’s Escalate seed treatment packages on corn and soybeans. The product provides protection against all nematode species and many soil-dwelling insects.

“Nematodes are undetectable by the human eye, which makes it easy to underestimate the damage they can cause to a corn or soybean plant,” says Scott Beck, president of Beck’s Hybrids. “What makes Nemasect truly different is that it’s not just a nematicide, it also has activity on many soil-dwelling insects. By adding Nemasect to our Escalate seed treatment, farmers will have the best possible protection for their seed at no additional charge.”

The broad-spectrum nematicide kills nematodes within 48 hours of application, with residual activity for up to 60 days after planting. It uses multi-site mode of action against eggs and juveniles to ward off resistance.

Additionally, Nemasect provides dual modes of action against soil-dwelling insects such as corn rootworm, seed corn maggot, grubs and wireworms.

The company says it shows a 12.2 bu. per acre advantage in corn and a 3.5 bu. per acre advantage in soybeans from two years of testing against the competitive standard.

Escalate’s corn seed treatment includes Nemasect, Poncho/VOTiVO 2.3, five fungicides and two additional biologicals. In soybeans farmers have the option to add ILeVO for protection against suddent death syndrome.