Bayer, AI company start greenhouse vegetable project

( Courtesy Bayer )

Bayer is partnering with Israeli artificial intelligence data analytics company Prospera Technologies Inc. in a program the companies say will optimize profitability and sustainability of greenhouse growing.

The program begins this month in Mexico, with the companies working with unidentified growers. The pilot will “continuously adjust and enhance the digitized farming system, with the intent to expand globally in coming years based on growers’ needs and changing consumer demand,” according to Bayer news release.

For example, Prospera’s “data visualization and analysis plaform” can tell growers which plants need water and the specific amounts to apply, according the release.

“At Bayer, we believe in the power of collaboration to bring more innovative, digital solutions to life,” Chris Moore, head of digital transformation for Bayer’s vegetable seeds business, said in the release. “Our partnership with Prospera is our first step into solutions beyond the seed for the vegetable greenhouse market.”

Daniel Koppel, Prosprea Technologies CEO and co-founder, said the collaboration can have “tremendous” value for greenhouse vegetable growers.

“Our advanced AI algorithms and data tools combined with Bayer’s complimentary knowledge and data sets have the potential to change the way vegetables are grown and help feed the world sustainably with fresh, nutritious food,” Koppel said in the release.

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