BASF’s Three New Soybean Seed Treatments in 2021

( Lindsey Pound )

BASF will add three new soybean seed treatment products for the 2021 season. These include Vault IP Plus, Poncho XC and Relenya seed treatments. All are registered with the EPA and currently available for sale or purchase.

“Our enhanced soybean seed treatment portfolio offers growers a strong start to their growing season,” Melissa Chu, BASF product manager, seed treatments said in a product release. “Now with a complete lineup of seed treatment solutions BASF provides premium protection from early-season insects and diseases, along with nitrogen fixation to help maximize their seed investment.”

Here’s more info about each of the new or enhanced seed treatments:

  • Vault IP Plus – a soybean inoculant that also provides the seed with protection. It helps make nitrogen more available to young plants, increasing nodulation. Vault IP Plus also provides two biofungicides that fight against Fusarium and Rhozoctonia. The product has a low application rate, which leaves room to mix in other seed treatments.
  • Poncho XC – a new addition to the Poncho line of products, this product is available for use in soybeans. The seed treatment fights against early season insects with a systemic mode of action. Control includes aphids, bean leaf beetles, thrips and white grubs.
  • Relenya – a new fungicide option in soybeans that produces a boost of disease protection. It features Revysol fungicide and can be partnered with a base fungicide package to boost protection under various disease pressures.

This trio of soybean seed treatments joins the BASF offerings including ILEVO and Obvious Plus. Farmers can work with their agronomist to know which seed treatment product is the best fit for their management practices.