BASF Plant Health Products Deliver Consistent Yield Benefits

( Multiyear studies show that in soybeans, Priaxor® fungicide from BASF has a positive yield response 92 percent of the time, resulting in an average yield bonus of 4.6 bu/A. )

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A lot of things in producing corn and soybeans are inconsistent – the weather, crop prices, equipment costs, etc. One thing that has been tested and proven to be consistent is the yield benefit of using BASF Plant Health products like Priaxor® fungicide and Headline AMP® fungicide. We talked with Dr. Josh Miller, BASF Technical Marketing Manager, about how the Plant Health benefits of these products go beyond disease control to deliver consistent, year-over-year yield benefits.


“Priaxor fungicide and Headline AMP fungicide do provide the best disease control in the industry, and for other fungicide products, the conversation stops there,” explains Miller. “But with BASF Plant Health products like Priaxor fungicide and Headline AMP fungicide, you get additional benefits. These products provide abiotic stress mitigation against environmental stresses, such as heat, drought, cold temperatures, hail, or other physical or mechanical stresses, that may be imposed on the crop. When both the biotic (diseases) and abiotic (environmental) stresses are controlled, crops are able to optimize their production and grow more efficiently”


Multiyear studies have shown that Priaxor fungicide provides a positive yield response more than 92 percent of the time with an average 4.6 bu/A yield increase when applied at R3 in soybeans. In more than 500 on-farm trials, Headline AMP fungicide delivered a positive yield response more than 94 percent of the time and an average yield boost of 12.5 bu/A versus untreated areas when applied on corn at tassel.


“BASF products are the only ones that have proven Plant Health benefits that help plants withstand and get through abiotic stresses,” says Miller. “That’s why you see the consistent yield benefit with these products. They let the plant focus on what it wants to do, which is to grow more efficiently. And we have the research to show our products increase photosynthetic efficiency. That makes them different than any other product in the market.”


Two key factors play a major role in the unique Plant Health benefits that Priaxor fungicide and Headline AMP fungicide provide: reducing ethylene production and oxidative stress in the plant. Ethylene is a naturally occurring hormone in plants. In times of stress, ethylene production increases – in fruits and vegetables we know this as the ripening process. In row crops, however, increased ethylene production has significant, negative results.


“In row crops, increased ethylene production causes early leaf senescence, kernel abortion or pod drop,” says Miller. “We’ve seen that by applying Priaxor fungicide or Headline AMP fungicide, we can reduce ethylene production significantly, where other fungicide products can actually increase ethylene production in the plant causing more stress.”


Reducing oxidative stress is another key Plant Health benefit from BASF’s Plant Health products. Just like in humans, antioxidants are important for preserving health. Under stress, however, antioxidants in the plant can be overwhelmed by reactive oxygen species.


“BASF Plant Health products actually increase antioxidant production in the plant, essentially priming them for times of stress,” says Miller. “This reduces oxidative stress and lets the plant focus on growing efficiently and creating yield. Our Plant Health products are the only products on the market proven to reduce both ethylene production and oxidative stress in corn and soybean plants.”


To learn more about the benefits of BASF’s Plant Health products like Headline AMP fungicide and Priaxor fungicide, visit or talk to your local BASF representative.


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