BASF to Market Xitavo Soybean Seed with Enlist E3

( Lindsey Pound )

In an exclusive licensing agreement, BASF will launch the brand Xitavo soybean seed by MS Technologies. All 19 of the new varieties feature Enlist E3 technology and will be available 2021 and beyond.

“At MS Technologies, we’re committed to proving leading solutions and better choices for soybean growers,” says Joe Merschman, president of MS Technologies. “We know that higher yields are always top of mind for growers, and we’re excited to collaborate with BASF to bring this new technology to market to help growers get the most out of every acre.”

The company will use its current channels, including retail, to distribute these products, says Marc Hoobler, BASF U.S. soybean agronomy lead. “It allows growers immediate access to this technology that’s in high demand right now.”

Each of the Xitavo soybean varieties will feature genetics from MS Technologies and provide three herbicide partners: glyphosate, glufosinate and 2,4-D choline. Varieties will range from 0.1 to 4.6 relative maturity, covering the Midwest and parts of the southern U.S.

“What we’re most excited about is having another post option, like Liberty herbicide, for growers,” Hoobler says. “Growers receive more choices with the additional soybean trait technologies, helping them navigate their weed control decisions.”

It is critical to steward new technology to keep the current products on the market viable. BASF recommends layering residual herbicides and making sure there are at least two effective modes of action in any weed control pass. They recommend this with all of the herbicide trait packages they offer.