BASF to Launch New Fungicide Revysol

German-owned BASF is preparing to launch what it’s calling the “Apple watch” of corn and soybean fungicides—if the Apple watch were compared to a pedometer. The company says the new product, Revysol, brings to fruition more than 10 years of research and development and could encompass nearly 30 million soybean and 34 million corn acres by 2023.

The fungicide will be branded Veltyma in corn and Revytek in soybeans. BASF anticipates EPA registration this summer and has the product in field trials this year. It can be used in 10 different crops and provides control for more than 30 ailments—including both curative and preventative activities.

It’s an isopropanol active ingredient that BASF says is the first and only isopropanol azole. It has broad spectrum activity with longer residual than other active ingredients in its chemical family, the company claims. The treatement enters the plant and provides high intrinsic activity with longer residual properties than competitors, according to BASF.

Revysol fungicides provide activity against the following diseases in select crops:

  • Corn: gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, southern corn leaf blight, southern rust and tar spot
  • Soybean: frogeye leaf spot, septoria borwn spot, cercospora blight and aerial web blight
  • Peanut: late leaf spot, early leaf pot, southern stem rot and rhizoctonia limb rot
  • Wheat: common rust, stripe rust, septoria and powdery mildew

Pending EPA registration, the company will launch the fungicides in 2020.