BASF Issues Statement Regarding Missouri "Special Local Need Label"

BASF issued a statement today in response to the Missouri Department of Agriculture's decision to put a "temporary pause" on the sale and use of all dicamba products.

The company reports that Missouri is now requiring a Special Local Need Label for Engenia herbicide and "all other low volatility dicamba formulations intended for use on dicamba tolerant soybeans and cotton for the remainder of the 2017 growing season."

In the statement, BASF adds, "Because we believe it is important for growers to be able to continue to access Engenia herbicide at this critical point in the 2017 season, we have already proposed the text of such a label to Missouri, according to their direction."

Chris Chinn, Missouri Department of Agriculture director, had told Agri-Talk's Mike Adams that efforts are being made to get dicamba products back available to farmers as soon as possible—potentially by the end of this week.