BASF Adds New Wheat Seed Treatment

Adding an additional mode of action, Stamina F4 cereals fungicide seed treatment by BASF recently gained EPA registration. The seed treatment is the first time the company has brought the Xemium brand fungicide as a seed treatment into a cereal crop.

“It features longer term residual disease control because it translocates so well throughout the plant,” says Justin Clark, BASF technical marketing manager. “The addition of Xemium helps growers have a better solution against fusarium disease complexes.”

Stamina F4 combines Xemium brand fungicides and F500 technologies. It offers cold tolerance, emergence and disease protection against Rhizoctonia, Fusarium and Pythium.

The company says the long term control helps farmers lose fewer plants to disease early on and in wheat more plants per acre directly translates to yield. In addition, even emergence and plant development can be beneficial in late-season decisions like fungicide since all plants will need treatment at the same time instead of over a wide window of maturities.

It’s a ready to use formulation for commercial or on-farm application of 4.6 fluid ounces per 100 weight of seed. The company is currently seeking state registrations.

“It’s hard to measure yield benefit with seed treatment because of all the variables that happen after the seed is treated, we’ve focused on how it lowers disease pressure, but generally speaking it can save several bushels,” Clark says. “It provides several weeks of protection.”