Atticus Plans For Growth In Midwest Markets

Mike Henderson says retailers should know three things about Atticus ( Darrell Smith )

Atticus, a post-patent manufacturer of crop protection products, is looking to expand its business in ag, and specifically in the Midwest. 

As Mike Henderson, executive vice president of the central U.S. crop division for Atticus explains, the company’s current business focuses on both ag and professional markets. And the half that is ag is more weighted toward specialty crops. 

“In the past four or five years, we built our business with an immediate impact our product portfolio had in specialty crops,” he says. “As we move forward, we’re looking to expand into more row crops.” 

Henderson says retailers should know three things about Atticus, that it is:
1.    Committed to high-quality products with formulations, packaging and user-friendly ordering
2.    A reliable supplier with a professional process from sourcing to manufacturing to delivery
3.    Focused to simplify the business today

“We aspire to be different by being demand driven,” he says. “It’s our goal to just offer dependable products and services at the right value for each and every crop. Those products being relevant, branded generic crop protection products.”

He says the company also aims to be nimble, accessible and able to go past just providing product knowledge but excel at logistics and sourcing as well. You can read more about Henderson’s view on how the trade issues with China have affected sourcing here.

Atticus recently announced three new herbicide families, read more here.

And Henderson explains the company is gearing up for more product growth. 

“If you look at the next few years, the amount of active ingredients that lose patent protection will represent a vast majority,” he says “ We want growers to continually know all of their options out there.”