Arysta and DuPont Partner on Seed Treatment

Arysta LifeScience initiated a long-term global collaboration with DuPont Crop Protection in which Arysta will supply the company with a fungicide technology. For now the companies will focus on corn and soybean seed treatments.

Per the agreement, DuPont has the right and plans to develop, register, brand and market proprietary product combinations using this fungicide technology. DuPont explains the products will include a systemic fungicide to control soil- and seed-borne diseases such as Fusarium, seed rots, bunts and smuts.

DuPont can commercialize any products it creates through its own seed brands and through licensees globally. Arysta and DuPont plant to extend their collaboration into additional crops. The companies do not have an exact commercialization date for any new products yet as much of that timing will rely on development and registration timelines.