Arizona firm launches new soil amendment product

World Soil Solutions, LLC, a privately-held global agricultural product marketing and distribution firm based in Scottsdale, Ariz., has introduced what it calls a new eco-friendly, technologically-advanced soil amendment product and has completed a cooperative arrangement with AgSource, LLC of New Albany, Mississippi for the sale and marketing of the product in the United States. The announcement was made jointly today by Donald D. Meyers, President and CEO of World Soil Solutions and Chris Coombs, President and CEO of AgSource.

According to Meyers, "The product, Microfix, is an organically-based soil amendment which, through numerous field tests, has demonstrated significant crop yield increases of up to 17% and a major improvement in microbial activity resulting in increased nutrient uptake. On-going field demonstrations indicate Microfix performs even better when farmers reduce their conventional fertilizer inputs." Meyers concluded, "The combined result is a potential increase in growers' profitability."

Coombs said, "Microfix is a soil amendment that not only increases macro- and micronutrient uptake but stimulates plant growth and increases yields in corn, soybeans, cotton, wheat and other row crops."

Microfix, with its patent-pending 'Suma Grow Inside' ingredient technology, is a polymicrobial-based formulation developed over several years by a world-renowned team of soil microbiologists. Microfix includes thirty varieties of living microbes, beneficial bacteria and fungi which, when applied to row crops, produces a more healthy soil. By using Microfix, farmers can reduce chemical fertilizers resulting in a positive impact on the environment by reducing pollution of soil, streams and ground-water. Organizations dedicated to improving the environment have shown great interest in this new technology.

Coombs, a sixth generation farmer and a graduate of Mississippi State University with graduate work at Wharton Business School, founded AgSource in 2006. With nearly 30 years in the agricultural products industry, he previously served in various sales, marketing and management capacities within such companies as The DuPont Corporation where he headed the U.S. Cotton Products Business Group and the U.S. Fungicide business. In the early 90s he was recruited by the BASF Corporation to lead their U.S. marketing effort.

World Soil Solutions is currently marketing its microbial-based soil amendment products in the United States, and is pursuing marketing affiliations in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Canada, China, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan and intends to pursue similar marketing opportunities in other areas of the world. AgSource will be World Soil Solutions' marketing arm in the United States focusing initially on the southeast, the mid-south and west with staged expansion across North America.

World Soil Solutions of Scottsdale, Arizona is working with farmers and the food production industry worldwide to restore soil health, enhance crop performance, improve nutritional content of food and reverse the effects of land degradation.


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