Are More Soybeans Heading to China? The Question is Hard to Answer

Reports Delayed 010719
( Sara Schafer )

Several of the biggest crop production reports of the year are now delayed due to the government shutdown. The USDA announced Friday its Crop Production report, World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates, or WASDE, and winter wheat seedings would not be released this week as expected.  USDA says a lapse in federal funding due to the partial government shutdown and the time required to analyze and compile the information means the reports won't be ready in time.

Even if funding is restored Chief Economist Robert Johansson says there isn't enough time to hit the currently planned schedule of reports.  Johansson says once funding is restored, then a new report schedule can be made.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of federal workers continue to go without pay, as the shutdown moves into its third week. President Trump is still standing firm in his demands.  He wants more than $5 billion toward building a border wall. The President did offer earlier in the week to build the wall with steel rather than concrete.  It's a concession Democrats didn't like.

There has been conjecture China has purchased additional U.S. soybeans and made a big buy of U.S. wheat last week, but without the USDA daily export sales reports, those buys are not confirmed.  United States export inspections for soybeans show 2.5 million bushels were approved for China, but it's not known if the shipment will actually go there.