ARA Partners For Nutrient Application & Management Field Demo Day

ARA Member Bob Willard of Willard Agri-Service presenting to the attendees. ( ARA )

AEM, ARA, ASA, NAAA and NCGA hosted USDA and EPA to some fascinating demonstrations of modern nutrient application and management technology by the industry leaders at the University of Maryland's Wye Research & Education Center on May 9.
The day featured application and management tools in the field with technical experts on hand to walk participants through the bounty of options producers are utilizing to maximize sustainable food production.
Overall 52 participants from EPA and USDA had the opportunity for a day filled with real life scenarios and equipment that our industry uses for precision nutrient application and management. 
ARA hosted a station on Nutrient management services. Bob Willard of Willard Agri-Service reviewed the benefits of soil mapping, agronomy consulting, sensors, plant utilization of nutrients and the 4Rs.  Bob also communicated how Willard Agri-Service has used innovative application techniques, formulations and application timing to improve efficiency and producers return on investment.

In addition to the ARA station there were six other educations stops during the demo day.

  • Kuhn demonstrated a 4-row strip till unit with multi-product application capabilities.  These types of units are valuable tools in conservation practices, variable rate applications and fuel savings.

  • CNH showed how their 6 row 1225 planter with coulters for fertilizer provided for different rate of fertilizer allowing the farmer to choose what is best for his soil and crop needs. 

  • Fast Ag Solutions used a 3pt. coulter side dress bar presenting how growers put Nitrogen in soil to reduce volitation, targeting V4 is for application timing as well as variable rates and section control.

  • John Deere showcased medium to high clearance self-propelled sprayer wide drop nozzle for use in late season application, feeding plant when it needs it using precision variable rate technology. 

  • NAAA organized a fly-over, from Helicopter Applicators Inc., to demonstrate a Bell 206 helicopter and fixed wing aircraft using GPS precision application with dry products.

  • NCGA and ASA utilized a grower perspective station illustrating the reasons farmers make the choices they do concerning cover crops, nutrient investments while protecting and improving soil health.