Aqua-Yield Wins Award for Environmental Practices

Aqua-Yield has been named a "Green Award Winner" for its innovative efforts in environmental practices. The official announcement was made in Salt Lake City on October 19.

The Utah Business Magazine award honors and recognizes companies, communities and individuals who are making strides in environmental sustainability.

Co-founded in 2014, Aqua-Yield has introduced the "smallest innovation in agricultural history." Aqua-Yield's technologies deliver materials directly to the plant's cells leading to a much higher overall efficiency. Aqua-Yield's process introduces liquid nanotechnology to agriculture leading to significant advantages for the grower. Results of the company's unique technologies include; higher yields, lower cost inputs, shorter crop cycles, less environmental impact and an increase in nutrient impact.

"Aqua-Yield is committed to what we call 'SFTC3'; Solve for the crop, Solve for the Community and Solve for the customer,” says CEO and co-founder Clark T. Bell. “For Aqua-Yield, a quest to make fertilizer more efficient has resulted in significant water and cost savings for our customers. Our patented and proprietary processes help plants better absorb fertilizer, grow faster and drastically reduce overall use of water. Two examples of this; for farming giant Del Monte, that meant a 60 percent reduction in phosphorus fertilizer and a 30–64 percent increase in yield. For Sumter Sod in Leslie, GA, growth cycle was cut by more than half, saving millions of gallons of water."

Aqua-Yield remains committed to "green" environmental practices and this award represents a company-wide commitment to protecting valuable resources through innovation processes. It is a testament to Aqua-Yield's overriding commitment to stay "green."