Applicator Training Still Open For February 2019

The Applicator Training Center in Bloomington, Ill., ( Asmark )

For experienced applicators looking for a refresher course, AGCO Corporation and Asmark Institute have partnered to offer a training program. The next offering of this training is Feb. 12 to 13 at the Applicator Training Center in Bloomington, Ill., and registration is still open.

The comprehensive, two-day course will cover these eight topics:

  • reducing or eliminating off-target applications due to spray drift
  • the differences in tank additives
  • proper cleanout techniques
  • the importance of recordkeeping
  • reading and understanding product labels
  • self-protection in emergencies
  • how to safely travel on roads
  • how to assess and choose a drift management strategy based on individual field situations

Registration is available here.

This winter is the first time Asmark has offered the training for experienced operators.

“The off-season is an ideal time for applicators to refresh their skills and knowledge about the rapidly changing weed and insect control products, methods and technologies,” David Webster, director, AGCO application division said in a news release. “Between the increasing number of producers using field-by-field fertilizer prescriptions and the updated regulations for applying agricultural crop protection and crop nutrient products, continuing education helps even experienced applicators stay abreast of all changes.”

This training spun from the classes conducted in the summer, which are geared for applicators with less than three years of experience.