App alerts growers to changing weather

A new app allows growers to receive alerts based on existing and forecast conditions. ( File photo )

A new smartphone weather app allows growers and other users to set custom weather alerts.

Steve Robbs, co-founder for Idaho-based Setpoint LLC, said the $6.99  Setpoint app allows users to track the weather at five customizable locations. It was introduced in February and is available both in Apple and Android versions. The app checks weather conditions at user-selected weather stations every 15 minutes, he said.

When the weather triggers an alert, users’ mobile devices receive push notifications, he said.

The app uses data from Weather Underground and the Weather Channel weather monitoring equipment and data point information to alert users based on high and or low predetermined setpoints met for temperature, humidity, dew point, wind speed and barometric pressures. The app also triggers alarms based on forecasts or minimum and maximum rain accumulations.

The app is available in Spanish language and metric measures, Robbs said.