Apache sprayers bought by French company

Apache sprayer manufacturer, Equipment Technologies Works LLC, Mooresville, Ind., is being bought by Exel Industries of France, which is already the parent of the global Berthoud, Hardi and Tecnoma sprayer companies.

This acquisition will greatly increase Exel’s presence in North America.

“ET Works will benefit from Exel’s distribution networks in other parts of the world and from our innovative technologies to enhance its product range,” Guerric Ballu, CEO of Exel Industries, was quoted as saying.

Ballu said ET Works will continue to do business with its current management under the Equipment Technologies and Apache names, and keep operating out of Mooresville, Ind.

Matt Hays, CEO of Equipment Technologies was quoted as saying, “We see a wonderful alignment of Exel’s drive to innovate and our management of ET for the long term. We believe that as part of Exel we will be well positioned to support our customer’s needs into the future.

The Exel group-owned sprayer units operate independently. In the U.S. is the sprayer sales and production at Hardi North America, Davenport, Iowa. Hardi is a Danish-based spraying specialist manufacturer.

In 1997 when Equipment Technologies was founded, company management announced a commitment to produce a tough, reliable, simple sprayer for the grower application ag segment. The company’s main focus has continued to be the grower segment.    



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