Anuvia Receives Honorable Mention For “World Changing Ideas Award”

From a pool of nearly 2,000 entries, the editors at Fast Company have announced their final decisions in the “World Changing Ideas Award.” 

This contest spans multiple industries, including food, which was the category in which Anuvia Plant Nutrients received an honorable mention. Click here for the Fast Company article will all winners, finalists, and honorable mentions. 

“It takes big, bold ideas to solve the crucial issue facing our planet of helping farmers produce enough food for a growing world population, while also reducing farming’s burden on the Earth,” Amy Yoder, CEO of Anuvia Plant Nutrients said in a news release. “Our mission is to provide the technology that helps farmers increase production in a sustainable and economic way.”

Anuvia is an agtech startup based in Florida which is commercializing a slow-release crop nutrient technology. The company has a patented proprietary process it says can transform reclaimed organic matter into high-performance plant nutrients. Via this process, the company says it can feed crops and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to a third. 

Its product for agriculture is called SymTRX, and the product for the turf and lawn industry is GreenTRX. 

In 2017, Southern States Cooperative announced it would be selling Anuvia products at its retail locations.