Anuvia Plant Nutrients To Be Sold at Southern States Cooperative

Southern States Cooperative, totaling 1,200 retail outlets in 23 states, will sell Anuvia’s SymTRX, which is an enhanced-efficiency, multi-nutrient, slow-release specialty fertilizer.

Anuvia’s proprietary processing system uses multiple sources of organic waste materials to create its plant nutrient products.

Anuvia Plant Nutrients formulated SymTRX to fit the needs of crop production while also adhering to the highest standards of environmental stewardship. SymTRX’s slow release delivers nutrients such as ammonium N and sulfur sulfate when growing plants need them most––releasing 65% of its nutrients within the first two to three weeks and the balance providing feeding for up to eight weeks. It also contains 16% organic matter which contributes to soil health.

“We’re excited for the agronomic, economic and environmental benefits that the SymTRX 20S product will provide to our customers,” says Steve Becraft, Southern States executive vice president of agronomy. “We believe the SymTRX 20S product is a profitable growing solution that will provide tremendous value to our customers.”

Anuvia Plant Nutrients is headquartered in Zellwood, Fla.