An Antique Tractor Lover’s Dream Comes True

USFR Tractor Tales 1206
Kent Corbin says restoring this Formal 1206 was a "dream come true." ( Mike Byers )

Stress relief comes in many different forms. For one Missouri man, it’s restoring antique tractors.

“This is a 1206 and these are muscle tractors from the 1960s,” says Kent Corbin or Dover, Mo. “This is my favorite. I like the red and the cream and the gray.”

Restoring Farmall tractors like the 1206 has turned into a passion for Corbin. He says this particular tractor he found in Norborne, Mo., and then the real work began.

“I had to completely go through it from bumper to bumper, and it's basically a brand new tractor now,” he says.

He says while his Farmall 1206 is retired now, he still brings it out for tractor rides and parades, and the restored iron turns heads, even when he took the tractor back to ride in Norborne’s parade.  

“I got a trophy and two Pork chop dinners,” says Corbin with a smile on his face.

For Corbin, the 1206 isn’t just a tractor that he pulls out from time to time. It’s one of his most prized possessions.

“Everybody wants 1206 to restore,” says Corbin. “So, my dream has come true.”