AMVAC’s 10 New Products for 2020

As a result of the company’s “Innovation with Speed and Discipline" product development process, AMVAC introduces 10 new products this year. 

This includes a recent acquisition of four herbicide brands from Corteva Agriscience, including: 

  • Classic: postemergent herbicide used in soybeans.
  • FirstRate: preemergent and postemergent herbicides for broadleaf weeds in soybeans.
  • Hornet: postemergent herbicide for broadleaf weed control of glyphosate resistant weeds in field corn.
  • Python: herbicide for flexible broadleaf weed control in soybeans and field corn.

AMVAC has also developed Impact CORE herbicide for postemergent weed control in corn. The company expects EPA registration of the product in the first quarter of 2020. 

A yet to be publicly named herbicide will be launched as a new glufosinate premix, which will provide postemergence weed control in LibertyLink corn. The company also expects registration in the first quarter of 2020. 

There are three new options to be packaged in SmartCartridge containers as part of SIMPAS, which has a full launched in 2021 and limited introduction in 2020. Those options are Counter insecticide/nematicide, Aztec HC insecticide and zine. 
For the turf market, AMVAC introduces Surepyc IQ for control of broadleaves and sedges in warm season turf. 

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