AMVAC updates SmartBox closed-delivery system

AMVAC updates SmartBox closed-delivery systemAMVAC Chemical Corp.'s SmartBox closed-application and handling system has received a makeover, including a large-format 5-inch color display, a new user-friendly menu-driven interface, simplified cabling and by-the-row control capabilities for maximum application flexibility.

"The entire system has been streamlined for easier installation and easier control in the field, says Nathaniel Claussen, technical manager for the SmartBoxclosed delivery system.

The SmartBox System is designed for precise, closed-delivery application of soil insecticides. These include Aztec4.67G, Counter20G, Force 3G, SmartChoice 5G and Thimet20G, the leading granular soil insecticides in the U.S.

The new control system, which is driven by the color display, provides individual control of up to 48 precision electronic SmartBox row meters, or up to 48 multi-row groupings. New features include row shut-off capabilities when used in conjunction with row clutches. System set-up can be accomplished directly on the display using simple menus, or on a laptop computer, then transferred to the display with a USB thumb drive. New Microsoft Windows-compatible software quickly generates reports required by EPA, as well as application rates by field, acres covered, total application amounts and applications by each operator.

"Installation of the new SmartBox System is easier than in the past, says Claussen. Power and electronics cabling has been simplified. The new display, which is compatible with 12V and 24V systems, has plug-and-play ports for power and radar. New software is ISO compliant, which could allow control with compatible cab computers in the future.

On average, the grower cost of a 24-row SmartBox System is $15,300. Mounting brackets are extra. Early order discounts are available through Feb. 20, 2013, or while supplies last.

SmartBox Systems, including custom mounting brackets, are available for current models of major row crop planters. Notably, the SmartBox System is the only granular soil insecticide application system that fits John Deere Central Commodity System planters.