AMVAC Invests In Its Biological Future

Last week, AMVAC Chemical Corporation acquired Agrinos, a privately-owned group of companies focusing on biological crop inputs. Agrinos has 50 patents with 100 patents pending worldwide. 

"The Agrinos portfolio will complement our Greenplants liquid nutrition products which have enjoyed successful growth in the Central American market. Additionally, these biostimulant products are tailored perfectly for use in our SIMPAS prescription application system,” Eric Wintemute, Chairman and CEO of American Vanguard said in a news release. 

He also said eight years of trials have shown Agrinos technology delivers 5 to 10% yield increases in corn, soybeans, wheat, rice and cotton. And he says the yield increases are up to 17% in specialty crops such as almonds, tomatoes, melons and grapes. 

The Agrinos manufacturing facilities are located in Oregon and Mexico. 

This week, AMVAC announced it received EPA approval of Vintec, a biological fungicide, which the company has been working with researchers at University of California-Davis in its development. Vintec aims to provide control of grape esca and almond canker disease following pruning.

The company says Vintec fungicide contains a new microbial strain as the active ingredient. It is called Trichoderma atroviride strain SC1, which is a naturally occurring fungus that pulls nutrients from decaying organic matter.