AMVAC introduces Xpedient FC soil insecticide

AMVAC Chemical Corporation, a subsidiary of American Vanguard Corporation, has introduced Xpedient FC corn soil insecticide to provide corn growers convenient and affordable secondary pest control.

Xpedient FC protects corn from grubs, seed corn maggots, wireworms and other soil pests. This liquid soil insecticide has shown outstanding mixing capabilities in fertilizer solutions. Xpedient FC is a true solution versus a suspension, explained AMVAC officials, which results in uniform applications and little to no separation in fertilizer.

Eric Wintemute, chairman and chief executive officer of American Vanguard Corporation, said, "We know growers rely on YES, our Yield Enhancement Solutions, to help them get their corn crop off to a strong start. This product provides them another tool to maximize their return on this investment.

Xpedient FC has a high concentration of active ingredient, which allows growers to use the minimum amount of product on the maximum number of acres. It is an economical option for use with any liquid fertilizer or water source. This allows growers to reliably control secondary pests without having to change production practices, according to the company.

Xpedient FC will be available from ag retailers for the 2014 growing season. The company website is for more information about active ingredients, pest control and proper use.