AMVAC to Introduce a Multi-Product Prescription Application System

To help farmers get the right input type and rate on each foot of field, AMVAC will launch Smart Integrated Multi-Product Prescription Application System (SIMPAS) in 2020. This multi-product variable rate system allows farmers to prescriptively apply multiple products in one pass at planting, applying what they need, where they need it.

SIMPAS is an after-market system that can be used on any planter type and features three SmartCartridge containers per row. Each cartridge can hold granular or liquid products consisting of biological or synthetic compounds such as nematicides, fungicides, insecticides, micronutrients or inoculants.

“If you’re running a 24-row planter you can cover about 240 acres before you need to replace the cartridges,” says Jason Jimmerson, SIMPAS Project Manager. “The objective is to keep planting until you need to stop and refill the seed.”

Farmers using the system enter the fields’ prescription into the SIMPAS controllers. From there, farmers can use an ISO-based display to see what’s happening on each row. Because each row unit will be prescriptively controlled, product containers across the planter will run out at different times.

“RFID tags (on each individual SmartCartridge container) makes cartridge management easy,” Jimmerson says. “Instead of having to run each of them empty, they can take all the cartridges off and replace them at the same time. After returning all the cartridges to the original place of purchase, the retailer scans the tags and credits the farmer’s account for the unused product.”

The company is working with Trimble to distribute this product through their established dealer network.