AMVAC commissions new production unit

American Vanguard Corporation, through its wholly owned subsidiary AMVAC Chemical Corporation (AMVAC) recently commissioned its new Folex synthesis unit at the company's Axis, Ala., plant. The company's initial production was the first week of July. 

AMVAC has added jobs and expanded the plant based on the addition of the new unit, as well as an increase in volumes of other products made at the plant. The company notes that Folix 6 EC, a cotton defoliant, has maintained steady volumes over the years, and this new unit will free capacity in the plant that is needed to meet the increase in demand for granular corn soil insecticide products, such as Aztec and SmartChoice. The Axis, Ala.. facility is the principal location for the manufacturing of AMVAC's granular corn soil insecticides.

Eric Wintemute, chairman and CEO of American Vanguard, said, "We are seeing renewed demand for the use of granular soil insecticides in the U.S. corn market, as growers combat strong pest pressure from both primary and secondary insects. AMVAC has the largest offering of corn soil insecticides along with the most advanced, closed delivery equipment for safely and efficiently dispensing these products. Our Axis facility is key to this success.

To recognize the new Folex unit start up, and the company's commitment to U.S.-based manufacturing, AMVAC held a Celebrate America event for its customers, suppliers, growers and plant employees at the Alabama facility, which is near the banks of the Mobile River. The company is using its "made in America manufacturing as a marketing message in selling to U.S. farmers.  

"It has been a long-standing priority for AMVAC to keep jobs in the U.S. through the manufacturing of quality products that are made in America, added Wintemute. "AMVAC has added 60 jobs at its Axis facility within the last year.