AMVAC Agrees to Buy Selected Willowood Products

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American Vanguard Corporation (NYSE:AVD) through its principal operating subsidiary, AMVAC, has entered into an agreement for the purchase of selected product lines and related inventory from Willowood USA, LLC which has sought approval of the transaction with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court under Rule 363. 

AMVAC's bid is further subject to a potential bid process before the bankruptcy court and final approval by that court, which if granted, would occur by mid-April 2019. 

Bob Trogele, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of AMVAC commented: "This potential acquisition includes more than a dozen herbicide technical registrations and nearly 2 dozen formulation registrations, which will enable us to develop new and improved premix solutions. We will provide additional details of this acquisition if approval is obtained from the bankruptcy court."