AMVAC Adds to Product Lineup

Following major ag mergers, more assets are up for grabs for other companies. AMVAC recently took advantage of such an opportunity and added paraquat, abamectin and chlorothalonil to their lineup in addition to other product advancements planned for the 2018 season.

The three products AMVAC purchased are a condition of the Syngenta/ChemChina merger. Abamectin and chlorothalonil are products focused on specialty crops. Paraquat on the other hand is likely a familiar name for row crop farmers. It will be rebranded Parazone for the 2018 growing season and sold through AMVAC channels.

Other new products include Impact Z and Acropolis. Impact Z is a premix herbicide with Impact and atrazine while Acropolis is a non-strobilurin fungicide with two modes of action against frogeye leaf spot and white mold. In addition to new products, Aztec and Smartchoice chemicals will be available in higher concentrations—more than doubling the number of acres farmers can cover between fill-ups.

In the more distant future the company plans to help farmers optimize at-plant nutrient and chemical applications.

“We want to help everyone become a better steward with Smart Cartridge,” says Rick Rice, AMVAC director of application technology. The product will attach to the planter and uses zones to apply fungicide, nutrients and other chemicals with precision to meet the unique needs of each acre. The company says this could save farmers money on chemicals by applying just what they need.

“Where farmers have standing water they might need to add extra fungicide, but in other areas of the field the going rate might be enough,” Rice says, “the same with nematodes.”

The new product will combine field samples, yield data and soil data to create management zones that can be used for precise application. AMVAC plans to test the product on a limited number of acres in 2019 with the hope of a full commercial launch in 2020.