AMS To Celebrate 75 Years in 2017

Almost 75 years ago in the small town of American Falls, Idaho, a man had a dream and a vision. Art Vollweiler had the philosophy that "everything was a work of Art." Associating his name with everything he created meant something in 1942. It meant that everything he designed and built was made to last. Art's assurance in quality has stood the test of time, and continues to be true, 75-years later for his business, AMS, Inc.

The Soil Conservation Service of the United States government recognized Art's quality seal and commissioned him to design build a soil sampling tool. The auger that Art built was so revolutionary, that the design is still used today. Over the years, a

complete line of hand sampling equipment, including augers, hammer driven samplers, specialty shovels and accessory items, were developed. All these products are still hand crafted in small town America, just like they were meant to be.

In 1980, Art's son, Rick Vollweiler, purchased AMS. He recognized the company's potential in the global market and grew Art's Machine Shop, now AMS, from a successful local business to the global competitor and industry leader it is today. In 1988, Art's grandson Marc Chipps joined the family business. Marc worked his way through the ranks until becoming the president of AMS in 2002.

AMS has always been innovative, and still crafts with precision and the philosophy that everything is a "Work of Art."

AMS, Inc., has since taken steps to expand into other areas, including, health, mining, agricultural, construction, and many other industries. AMS has developed innovative ways to assist golf courses, railroads, real estate companies, and researchers at universities throughout the world. With each new step, they are reminded of the need to stay true to the founding philosophy.

Today, AMS is finding better ways to do jobs with less impacts on our environment. They are developing partnerships that enhance our technologies. The addition of Art's grandson, Marc, to the management team in 2002, has given AMS the ability to respond quickly to the changing industry demands. Marc has pushed technological advancement of AMS existing products further than ever before while encouraging the further expansion of the AMS product lines and uses.

Rick Vollweiler is proud of AMS and all the company's accomplishments. The 75th anniversary of AMS will be in 2017. He can hardly believe how far they've come in 75 years, "For three quarters of a century, AMS has been meeting the sampling needs of an ever changing world. AMS has developed a variety of new products and has made numerous improvements to existing products by working closely with industry professionals, researchers, regulatory agencies, and inventors. The company's technological innovation and development continues to improve established sampling methods and provide AMS customers with new and exciting ways to succeed."

Marc Chipps is eager to continue the company's legacy of quality, "Each piece is custom built and tested to meet the customer's exact needs and specifications."

Companies rarely stay around long enough to see their 75-year anniversary; it is even rarer to still be a family business. AMS has remained successful because of their commitment to excellence, quality, and service. The AMS production team of master welders, machinists, engineers, and fabricators take great pride in each hand-crafted piece. Like a fine automobile or Swiss watch, they carefully shape their product to perfection and carry it through to its final stage of testing. For 75 years, AMS has stayed true to the founder's philosophy: everything is a work of Art.