Americas seed corn sales is two-thirds of total

Antonio Galindez, president and CEO of Dow AgroSciences, announced that Dow AgroSciences has had four consecutive years of market share growth in North and South America seed corn sales, and this is particularly meaningful, given the regions' prominence in corn production. The Americas represented approximately 70 percent of the growth in the world corn seed market from 2010 to 2011. Corn seed sales in the two continents during 2011 totaled $10.5 billion nearly two-thirds of the $16 billion total global sales figure.

Galindez said, "The Americas are significant players in the global corn market and are of strategic importance to our business.

Dow AgroSciences contends their corn research and development is paying off for farmers, which is what has driven the sales figures. Some of the success seems to be related to hybrids with SmartStax trait technology and some other success is related to drought-tolerant hybrids. 

Water utilization is top of mind with many growers, particularly after the record-setting drought in the central United States last summer. Dow AgroSciences continues to invest in both native and genetic drought tolerance research, with the goal of building corn hybrids with more consistent yield under moisture stress. The claim is that corn hybrids from Dow AgroSciences either matched or exceeded yields of competitive drought-tolerant products in 2012 U.S. trials.

"Our corn research and development efforts continue to pay dividends, as we work together to bring solutions that maximize yield potential and return on investment for growers throughout the Americas and the world, said Galindez.