Altitude Crop Innovations announced its strategy

Altitude Crop Innovations, LLC, a Colorado-based crop protection and specialty chemicals company, announced its portfolio and distribution strategy.

Altitude's parent companies and their research and development arm were established in 2012. Since that time, a catalogue of more than 85 EPA-registered pesticides and formulas have been approved, more than 25 adjuvant formulations have been created, a comprehensive seed treatment portfolio has been developed, and a broad line of nutritional products have been tested and/or field proven under various brands.

Today Altitude Crop Innovations is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pinnacle Agriculture Holdings, LLC. The designated exclusive distribution partner for Altitude is Meridian Agriculture Distribution.

"Altitude Crop Innovations, LLC is a crop protection and specialty chemical company dedicated purely to independent retailers and cooperatives throughout the United States. Over the past three years, our labs and partners have developed an outstanding portfolio of crop protection products, adjuvants, seed treatments, nutritional products as well as unique and patented technologies such as the Nirvana Planting time family of products, EndurX Technology and the S Technology, said Casey McDaniel, vice president of commercial operations for Altitude. "In the next few weeks and months, retailers will be receiving more information about Altitude, but in the meantime it may be viewed at

"The Altitude product line gives Meridian another key value proposition we can offer our retail customer base. Our retail customers will, in effect, have their own products company and a portfolio they can offer their growers that their competitors and national retailers will not have. The ability to differentiate from large national retailers is a big deal and dealers and their growers will enjoy this benefit when they see this portfolio, said Tom Hart, director of Meridian Agriculture Distribution.

More information about Altitude Crop Innovations, LLC may be found at Additional information on Meridian Agriculture Distribution may be found at


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