All-Steel Highway-Approved Radial Flotation Tire From Alliance

Source: Alliance Tire

All-Steel Highway-Approved Radial Flotation Tire From Alliance

A new, all-steel radial flotation tire from Alliance Tire the Alliance 390 All-Steel Agri-Transport Flotation Radial is the first flotation radial to receive Department of Transportation (DOT) certification for highway use at 50 mph. It's also the first all-steel flotation radial in the industry, according to Michael Aguon, National Alliance Product Manager of Alliance Tire Americas, and the first to carry nearly 11,000 pounds of load at 50 mph.

"The new, all-steel 390 provides performance, speed and versatility that will allow farmers to lower their operating costs and improve their productivity," said Aguon. "This is a world-class innovation, the next generation of flotation tire from the company that introduced the first radial flotation tires to the world market."

The steel belts in the new 390 deliver outstanding resistance to cuts and punctures and ensure a broad, flat footprint for improved traction and flotation, Aguon adds. "A rugged tread compound improves wear resistance to maximize service life and return on investment. Extensive on-farm testing in the U.S. and abroad shows longer service life and higher load-speed performance than competitors' nylon-construction radial flotation tires, Aguon says, with no downtime."

The new, all-steel 390 is currently available in the 600/50R 22.5 size, widely used on manure tanks and wagons, grain carts and agricultural trucks. Aguon said other sizes are in development and will be available soon.


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