Agtegra Cooperative Donates to University’s Precision Ag Program

The precision agriculture center will provide SDSU students with a space for researching and learning about precision agriculture. ( Agtegra )

South Dakota State University received a $500,000 donation to fund its precision agriculture building project from Agtegra Cooperative of Aberdeen, South Dakota.

“We are committed to serving our farmer-members with innovation and integrity,” says Agtegra Cooperative Board President Hal Clemensen. “It is from our understanding of the vital role that precision technology will play in the success of farming that we are supporting this project.”

The precision agriculture center will provide SDSU students with a space for researching and learning about precision agriculture. The university is home to the nation’s first four-year degree program in precision agriculture.

“It’s vital that we prepare a new generation of farmers and agronomists, skilled in knowing how to apply precision technology, says Rick Osterday, Agtegra Cooperative Board vice president. “The Precision Ag Center Project can set apart South Dakota as a leader in that pursuit.”

The total cost of the project is $55 million and will include new construction and the renovation of Berg Agricultural Hall.

The check was presented to SDSU President Dr. Barry Dunn as part of Agtegra Day at the Capitol.

“We share a vision of the importance of precision technology to the future of agriculture,” says Dunn. “This gift will help prepare SDSU students for the workforce and enable our faculty and staff to contribute to innovative industry production methods that optimize efficiency and profitability while sustaining natural resources for future generations.”

As of Feb. 1, the South Dakota Wheat Growers and North Central Farmers Elevator officially merged to form Agtegra Cooperative.


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