Agronomic Practices and Emerging Technology -A Farmer’s Perspective

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Based on excerpts from the article, Proof of Pivot Bio PROVEN™, by Andrew McCrea; Farmer/rancher and Farm Journal TV and radio personality and A Master Storyteller

Farmers have certain agronomic practices we use year after year. Those ways of farming bring value to us on a consistent basis. We also pride ourselves, however, on keeping our minds open to emerging technology and new, more efficient ways to grow crops. 
One item that has been of interest to me over the last year is the use of nitrogen-producing microbes in corn. We use a corn-soybean rotation in a no-till system on our acres in northwest Missouri. We, like almost every corn farmer, are always looking for ways to economically get the corn crop the nitrogen it needs throughout the season.  

Ideally, I’d like some way to consistently deliver nitrogen to the crop throughout the growing season. That’s why I started investigating Pivot Bio PROVEN™. This is a new nitrogen application that’s delivered with starter fertilizer at the time of planting. The microbes in Pivot Bio PROVEN™ attach to the roots of the corn plant and turn atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia for the crop to use throughout the season. Because the microbes attach directly to the corn’s roots, weather conditions do not affect it. 

I have to say, it’s an amazing new technology that fits right in with my tried and true agronomic practices. This type of technology provides exciting opportunities for my operation. The nitrogen-producing microbes in Pivot Bio PROVEN™ offer us a way to assure the delivery of nutrients to our corn throughout the season without fear of loss due to weather.

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