AgriTalk: Nothing Important to Talk About At All Today #Sarcasm

AgriTalk March 23 2018
( AgriTalk )

It’s a Free for All Friday on AgriTalk! The usual crew including Host Chip Flory, Pro Farmer Policy Analyst Jim Wiesemeyer, Real Agriculture’s Shaun Haney, and Iowa farmer Pam Johnson are all on hand. In segment two they are joined by USSEC Board Member and North Dakota farmer Mote Peterson to talk about the Chinese tariff retaliation and its potential effect on Soybeans…and its not Steel and Aluminum that would be the catalyst. For the third segment they talk about the spending bill ahead of Trump’s signature, there was at the time, some concern that he hadn’t planned on signing. Finally, to end the show they talk about the farm bill and what the status of the bill is, and whether it could get done this year.