AgriTalk: The Itch is Strong, But Is it Ok to Plant?

AgriTalk April 23 2018
( AgriTalk )

The forecast is starting to warm up for many in the Midwest, and with the first week of May just days away a lot of farmers are anxious to get some seed in the ground, but is it a good idea?

Farm Journal agronomist Ken Ferrie tells AgriTalk host Chip Flory there is some danger with planting corn in less than optimal temperature soil.

He says the biggest threat is seed chilling, and that would typically affect about 10 to 15 percent of the stand, if it happens.

However, the same may not be said for soybeans. Ferrie says that in his area early planted beans tend to yield the best, but that will vary depending on where you are.

Ferrie did say there is one common mistake farmers make, tilling the soil to early. The biggest problem is compaction, Ferrie says,

“85 percent of the compaction issues that I have to deal with are all driven from decisions made right now because people kind of panic trying to push that window to get that field to plant,” Said Ferrie.

Overall, his advice to farmers is don’t panic, pay attention, and hold on corn until the soil is ready.

Greg Peterson AKA Machinery Pete says that his latest Used Value Index has been released, and includes information about used market trends and prices.

Peterson tells Flory there has been a lot of interest action in Pennsylvania recently,  including an auction in Hanover, PA that he says had several super-clean John Deere tractors.

His pick of the week this week is from a dealer in Norwood, Minnesota where they have a restored Bobcat 1960 M400 skid steer on display. He says that there were only about 200 of those made.

You can find more about the used machinery market at

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