AgriTalk: Crop Tour Day 2 Results

( AgriTalk )

The Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour continues in Iowa and Illinois. Brian Grete and Jeff Wilson of Pro Farmer share what they’ve seen and about the yield numbers for Indiana and Nebraska. Scouts from the western leg of the tour share their findings during the Farmer Forum.

Indiana, Nebraska results
On the second day of the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour, Scouts pegged the Indiana corn yield at 182.33 bushels per acre and soybean pod count at 1,311.87. In Nebraska, the corn yield estimate is 179.17 bushels per acre while the soybean pod count in a 3’ x 3’ plot was 1299.08. Pro Farmer’s Brian Grete and Jeff Wilson talk about the conditions they saw yesterday in Indiana and Nebraska and what they’re seeing so far on the third day in Iowa and Illinois.

Farmer Forum
This week’s Farmer Forum includes Sherman Newlin of Illinois, Brad Nelson of Minnesota, and Tim Gregerson of Nebraska. All scouts are on the western leg of the tour. They share what they’ve seen on the tour, and they compare their own crops to those on the western leg. Nelson and Gregerson are veterans of the tour, and they share why they keep coming back. Rookie Newlin is excited for his first ever crop tour.