AgriTalk: Crop Tour Day 2

( AgriTalk )

The results of the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour for Ohio and South Dakota were released Monday evening. The second day of the tour, scouts are headed into Indiana and Nebraska. Chip Flory talks to Brian Grete and Jeff Wilson of Pro Farmer about what the east and west legs have seen, and breaks down Monday’s results with Emily Carolan of Pioneer.


Eastern Leg
Ohio’s corn yield for the crop tour came in at 179.57 bpa and the soybean pod counts are 1,248 pods. Brian Grete is concerned about stalk rot with the late-season moisture, he calls them potential pitfalls that could derail things. There are tip back issues in western Indiana, estimated at a 62 bushel loss of yield potential.

Western Leg
The story in South Dakota is plant population. According to Jeff Wilson, farmers planted more and they were willing to take a chance on the weather. Grain length is nearly seven inches long, and increase of 5.4 percent compared to last year. According to the tour, the corn yield average is 178.01 bpa and the soybean pod count is 1,024 pods.

Emily Carolan and Chip Flory digest the results from day one of the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour.