AgriTalk After The Bell: Allendale Sees Surge in 2018 Bean Plantings

AgriTalk After The Bell March 14 2018
AgriTalk After the Bell
( AgriTalk After the Bell )

Allendale Inc. today release the results of their farmer survey of 2018 planting intentions and Allendale Chief Strategist Rich Nelson was on AgriTalk After the Bell with Chip Flory Wednesday afternoon to discuss the results. The survey suggests corn plantings of about 88.5 million acres and soybean plantings of about 92.1 million acres in 2018. Nelson says one of the biggest surprises in the survey were the results that suggested a 616,000-acre drop in Minnesota corn acres.

North Dakota is a proven wildcard in plantings and Nelson says the Allendale survey suggests a drop in North Dakota corn plantings (down about 104,000) and soybean plantings (down 151,000). “And that means more spring wheat acres in North Dakota in 2018,” says Nelson. The survey suggests Other Spring Wheat seedings in the U.S. of 11.9 million this year, up about 900,000 from 2017.