Agrible Launches Retailer Services

Agrible launches its retailer services, which will directly connect growers, retailers, sales personnel, and agronomy and analytics.

 “We worked through what this meant for our customers, and we decided to offer something that leverages our constantly evolving third-generation infrastructure for agricultural businesses,” says Paul Miller, Agrible’s co-founder and Chief Science Officer. “So many of our partners have asked us to deliver the best predictive analytics, systems integrations, and data management software, but in ways that allow them to work with their customers how they want to work with them.”

The service will provide a digital, two-way communication system designed to further enhance the grower/retailer relationship. The services will integrate with other ag business platforms as Agrible already currently does.

Agrible’s retailer services lets users schedule agronomic services, fully integrate those services from start to finish, with the additional goal of showcasing the value of their staff’s agronomic knowledge to their customers. With the new services Agrible aims to close the loop–from direct product purchasing and pick up to in-season applications and proof of return on investment (ROI) for a retailer’s agronomic recommendations.

"Agronomy is very localized, as it should be. Online retailers can’t offer any type of boots on the ground experience for their customers. Agrible’s retailer services offers the efficiency of a digital service along with the value of a personal relationship with the retailer, local agronomy, and knowledge," says Jason Little, Director of Sales at Agrible. “With these services, growers aren’t limited to brokered products and generics—they get the choice of all products on the market, along with local services and the knowledge base behind it all.”

Agrible’s retailer services alerts users to potential issues using predictive analytics paired with community-driven insights—on soils, local agronomy, logistics, weather, alerts, and other early information—so growers and agronomists can be proactive instead of reactive. With the digital customer interaction and messaging system, Agrible’s retailer services will drive actionable sales for all customer segments.


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Submitted by Anna Volohova on Sat, 04/21/2018 - 03:06

After the triumphal turn of Battlefield to the First World, the departure of the next part of the Call of Duty into the past was predetermined. And no wonder: futuristic attractions are really fed up. It was decided to return to the origins of the series - World War II. With her, almost always everything turned out, for her franchise and fell in love with the masses. It seems to be the right move - new technologies would allow developers to cover the global confrontation of the 20th century freshly.

The landing in Normandy is a cultic episode, a milestone in the history of the series, a mission that is still remembered with awe in the heart. Beforehand, it is known that this is the most crucial moment in the game frive and it will be the indicator of the quality of the entire campaign. We clench our fists and swim to the shores of Europe with faith in our hearts ...

Enemy fire begins to mow down the Allied troops without mercy, it seems that no one can survive. Around the chaos, hell: our friends dozens dead fall into the water, repainting the sea in red ... We step on the beach, and ... something goes wrong.

Dust, dirt, horrific screams, death, an uncompromising flurry of fire, saving hedgehogs and cartridges, as if touching your skin personally - all this is, but ... as if that were not. Sensations are rather strange, and you can not immediately figure out what's wrong. Even to believe it is difficult, that it is a remake of "Overlord", although everything is absolutely the same as it was.

And only then, during many hours of passage, you realize that this is "all as it was", careful assimilation to the first parts of Call of Duty is the reason why a modern player can not experience past emotions. Each element of the game design here is built according to the canons of a shooter eleven years old! Imagine Call of Duty 2 with the only difference - modern graphics, and everything will become clear. The developers not only returned the native setting, but also revived the outdated design approach, no matter how inappropriate it looked today.

At first glance, WWII has all the traditional attributes of the series. In place and an endless "shooting range", and a good video series friv 3 , and cut scenes are many, and any additional mini-entertainment like the tank races suffice. Only all this is done so uninspired, so unpretentious and old-fashioned that the monitor turns into the focus of universal boredom.

But even before you realize the hopelessly weak structure of the game process, the main characters of the campaign will be disappointed. This story, these characters and dialogues ... WWII is made of pop-cultural images and beaten scenic moves of military drama. Call of Duty in general has always been excessive pathetic, but when you are offered the most hackneyed in the history of setting and, instead of expressing it in some other way, uncommonly, fill it with a mountain of templates, it becomes insulting. It's a shame for the untapped potential.

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